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We specialise in chimney repairs and chimney re-lining and have been in this business for nearly 29 years. We offer a comprehensive diagnosis and solution to all chimney and soot and smoke problems including water damaged chimneys.

Chimney Re-Lining & Re-Building

Chimney rebuilding Ireland

Processes in the chimney relining business have changed dramatically over the past 10 years with traditional clay or ceramic liners being replaced with more robust lining systems such as stainless steel and poly resin lining systems. There are a lot of options available now for lining  a chimney but some are being used in the wrong as we regularly see throughout the country.

A lot of companies are using inferior or sub standard materials to reline chimneys in full knowledge that the life span of the new chimney system will not correspond to the promised guarantee.

These companies don’t wish to take the time required to do a job properly and ensure that the work is done correctly. Demolition and rebuilding of chimney structures is a very complicated process and reconstruction of chimneys must take into account proper flashings, expansion joints, lead trays, capping and proper plaster application taking into account weather conditions also

Do not waste your hard earned money on poor workmanship please call us today on 1800303406 for a comprehensive survey of your chimney. We will always recommend the most appropriate lining system, building type for your particular chimney. We are the team with over 25 year’s experience. Don’t leave it to chance

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